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The information on this page is intended for readers of who would like to express their opinion about our project and take the opportunity to influence its development. You heard right — our team of experts in the online gambling industry is sure that there are no limits to perfection. Therefore, we are happy to receive feedback from you and use it to plan our work. 

What Kind of Feedback is Accepted 

Each of our readers has the opportunity to send a comment via email and an internal feedback form. It is worth noting that we do not accept and will not respond to messages containing obscene language, pornography and other prohibited content. In the event that you send us a letter containing signs of a committed or impending crime, we reserve the right to inform the competent authorities about it. 

We are happy to welcome the following feedback from readers: 

  • Messages with proposals for the development of the project If you are not satisfied with online casino reviews or would like to see more informative articles about games and their varieties, let us know;
  • Constructive criticism. We are happy to accept fact-based criticism. If we made a mistake somewhere or you think that the content on the site lacks diversity, then let us know and we will take action;
  • Thanks. We don’t ask for them, but if you decide to thank us for our work, it will mean a lot to us! 

We remind you once again that every letter that comes through our communication channels will be read. Please be objective and informative in your messages. 

Channels for Reaching Us 

Now it’s time to tell you about the channels for communication with the team 

  • Contact Form. This is one of our main communication channels, and we offer you to use it freely for feedback. You will need to write your name and email address so that we can send a response if necessary. After that, enter your message in the empty field and click the ‘Submit’ button to send it;
  • Email. Another option that is widely used by users. Copy this address and enter it in the email from your email. This option allows you to attach screenshots or other files to the message. In addition, if you suddenly have a desire to become one of our authors, then email is suitable for sending a resume. 

You probably noticed that there is no Live Chat in the list of options. This is normal because we don’t have a support service. Our team consists of journalists, editors and experts in the online gambling industry. We create content and respond to messages that are useful. Unlike online casinos, we have no need for immediate response to user requests. We ask you to treat this with understanding.