About Us

On this page, readers will be able to learn about the mission that our team set for itself when creating and launching the portal Flashbluedesign.com. The online gambling industry is developing rapidly, and we believe it is right to help players avoid frequent mistakes and reduce the risks of losing funds. Materials of various genres are regularly published on our website. These are online casino reviews, news, informational articles about the rules of the game in different titles, etc. Each of our readers has free access to any pages of the portal. 

What We Do 

Our website Flashbluedesign.com can be called a large gambling library, which presents a huge amount of useful information. Each article was prepared by our squad of experts on the basis of independently collected data. 

We are writing reviews of online casinos. According to our team (and not unreasonably!), such materials can help players avoid many common mistakes and learn more about the site before registering. In order to provide readers with the highest quality, up-to-date and objective information, we conduct a detailed analysis of the gambling operator’s platform. Our experts create a test account and pose as a real user, checking the quality of all services. Having collected the necessary data, we accumulate them in guides and publish them on the website Flashbluedesign.com. 

Also on our portal you can find info materials on the rules of the game of gambling amusements. Therefore, if you are a rookie, but would like to know about different combinations in blackjack, and what bets are better not to make in roulette, then you have visited the right site. 

Principles of Our Work 

One of the cornerstones of our activity is independence. We do not accept money from gambling operators to promote their services. There are no ads on our website. If in the review of an online casino we express recommendations to try their offerings, it means that we have come to this conclusion based on our own analysis. You could already read about how such an analysis is carried out above. 

We would like to acquaint readers in more detail with the principles of the editorial office of Flashbluedesign.com: 

  • It is important for us to provide readers with the most transparent, up-to-date and honest information;
  • Each material is proofread for errors and the accuracy of the information presented in it before being posted on the site;
  • We regularly double-check our guides and make edits to them if, for example, an online casino has changed the terms of its Welcome Bonus;
  • Our work is aimed at helping players, not advertising online casinos;
  • We provide information for free;
  • Our website is managed only by our team, and is not related to gambling operators;
  • Our authors live in different countries of the world. This allows us to create content that is maximally focused on a specific target audience;
  • All our readers can utilize the communication channels available on the platform to send feedback. We may or may not use your comments to improve the quality of our work. 

It’s Free 

One of our tasks is the free dissemination of information. You can consider us benefactors, because we do not charge readers for access to our guides. We would like the work of the portal Flashbluedesign.com to contribute to the improvement of the online gambling industry. Players should be informed as much as possible about the risks associated with uncontrolled spending and time spent in the casino. If we manage to help someone avoid the risks of losing money and worsening the situation in the family and at work, then we will be happy. 

Each of our reviews is written in accordance with our internal standards. We have developed them based on the long-term cumulative experience of each member of our team. For this reason, you can be sure that the articles pay attention to every key aspect of the activities of gambling operators. 

We Wait for Your Feedback 

We have already mentioned this above, and we want to tell you a little more. Every caring reader has the opportunity to influence the development of the portal Flashbluedesign.com. On the special ‘Contact us’ page, you can find several communication channels for sending feedback. We are happy to accept both gratitude for the work done and suggestions for a variety of content. In addition, our team especially enjoys constructive criticism. If you think that we don’t write enough about online casinos or the reviews lack important aspects, then feel free to tell us about it. All messages are read, and we can use your suggestions to develop the site. Stay with us!