Gamble Responsibly

One of the tasks that we thought about solving when creating the Flash Blue Design website is informing our readers about the risks associated with the development of gaming addiction. All forms of betting and gambling carry the same risks associated with uncontrolled waste of money and time. As a result, a person develops addiction, family relationships worsen and problems appear at work or at school. 

Unfortunately, no one is immune from gambling addiction — neither a woman nor a man. This disease can harm both children and adults. But if in the case of children, parents can take the situation into their own hands, and by authoritarian methods restrict the child’s access to games, then it is more difficult with adults. Sometimes even the presence of a loving family does not stop a person from continuing to place bets or launch games for real money. 

Red Flags to Keep in Mind 

There are certain situations and factors that will help you understand that you are developing a gambling addiction. We decided to collect this information on our Flash Blue Design website: 

  • You spend more money on betting/gambling than you can afford;
  • You have stopped controlling the time you spend on a betting site or in an online casino;
  • Are you lying to your family and friends about your gambling interests;
  • Your interest in life has faded, you are increasingly depressed;
  • Your academic progress has worsened;
  • Things have started to go badly at your job;
  • You can no longer pay rent or bills;
  • Have you started borrowing money or taking out loans to pay for your betting/gambling activities;
  • You started committing thefts so that you would have money;
  • Have you started to perceive life as boring if you don’t bet or play games;
  • You play until you lose the entire bankroll. 

If, reading this, you have recognized yourself in some situations, then you have problems. 

Attention from the Family 

We would like to tell you that close people can help you understand that you have developed a gambling addiction. If they are observant, they will definitely notice the following events and incidents: 

  • Valuables or household items began to disappear from your home;
  • Relatives notice that you constantly do not have enough money;
  • Problematic punters become more secretive;
  • Even performing simple tasks, say, going to the store, takes problem players a lot of time; 
  • People with addiction stop fulfilling their obligations and (or) start skipping work;
  • Problem punters stop participating in family life;
  • The character of the player, depending on betting and gambling, becomes more detached, excited or aggressive. 

If you notice the situations described above or signs in behavior, then you need to help your loved one who is in trouble. Contact organizations that provide professional assistance to problem punters. 

What is Gambling Addiction? 

Our Flash Blue Design team strives to ensure that gambling is transparently clean and brings joy to people. Therefore, one of our goals is to fully inform readers about the risks associated with gambling addiction. In many countries of the world, it is considered an official disease, and it is not surprising, because the excitement and joy of winning causes a person to have similar reactions, such as alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use or physical exercise. 

Thus, if you are a person with a strong character and willpower, then you know when to stop. However, for people with more malleable conditions, the potential development of gambling addiction can be catastrophic. 

Tools for Problem Gamblers 

The development of the online gambling and betting industry is inextricably linked to the practices that legal operators observe in attempts to help weak-willed people who are potentially problematic punters. In addition to informing customers about the risks of uncontrolled spending and spending time playing, they offer them an assortment of useful tools. We have selected a list of these options for you: 

  • Deposit limits. The ability to set a limit on the size of the deposit for a day, week, or month;
  • The limit on the bet. Limit the size of the allowed bid;
  • Spending limit. Set a limit on the allowable amount of monetary losses for a day, week, month, etc.;
  • Reminder. Turn on the alert option, which will remind you how long you are on the site;
  • Restriction of access to services. Ask the support agents of the company to block your access to the use of certain services of the site for a certain period of time;
  • Deposit limit. Block your incoming transactions for a certain period;
  • Disabling promotional mailings. Block the sending of promotional mailings from the operator to your phone or email;
  • Account blocking. Lock your private cabinet for a while;
  • Deleting an account. In severe cases, a problem player can delete his or her private cabinet. 

As you can see, online bookies and gambling operators offer an impressive selection of tools to restrict access to their services and combat gambling addiction. 

We Can Help You 

If you feel that you are developing a gambling addiction, you can write to us about it using the communication channels provided on the Contact Us page. We at Flash Blue Design will provide you with the addresses of organizations that help problem punters. You should also take independent actions to immediately stop the consequences of your addiction: 

  • Use the tools offered by the site whose services you use;
  • Warn your family about your problems if they are not aware of it yet;
  • Stay calm — if you are aware of the scale of the situation, then this is the first step to recovery. 

Remember that any betting and gambling activities should be perceived as a hobby, not a way to make money. If you disagree with this, you risk facing the development of addiction and, as a result, uncontrolled spending of money. In any situation in which you begin to experience discomfort from using the services of the site, contact its support service.